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Are Vibrators Good for Your Health?

Are Vibrators Good for Your Health?

Are Vibrators Good for Your Health?

Will your favorite vibrator cure a cold? Probably not. Can it heal a broken bone? Not at all. But using your favorite toy to have a satisfying orgasm may make you forget you’re sick or in pain for a few moments. You may make a headache go away, put yourself in a better mood, or alleviate anxiety. All with the help of a vibrator.

Your sexual health isn’t completely separate from your physical or mental health. It’s all tied together. So the short answer is that, in some ways, yes, a vibrator can be good for your health. Here’s how.

Orgasms Provide Health Benefits

Orgasms Provide Health BenefitsIf orgasms are good for you — and they are — and a vibrator helps you have an orgasm, it stands to reason that vibrators are good for you, too. Orgasms release feel-good hormones that help you relax, feel less stressed, and sleep better. And anyone who walks through life with tense muscles and no sleep knows how bad that can be for your well-being and everyone else around you.

It’s not that any vibrator will do. You need one that feels good against or in your body and creates sensations that you find arousing and pleasant.

Increase Blood Flow to the Genitals

As people age, blood circulation decreases to their genitals. For women and anyone with a vulva this can make it difficult to become aroused. You may also feel less stimulation from a hand or other body part. The right vibrator can provide the sensations you’re missing helping your body become aroused and sending blood flowing back to your vulva.

If you’re a long-time user of vibrators, a favorite may no longer provide enough stimulation to get you off. Make sure your vibe is charged up or has fresh batteries first. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it may be time to look for a high-powered body massager or something with more settings to choose from.

Vibrators Keep You Sexually Active

Vibrators Keep You Sexually ActiveNot all sex requires a partner. Maybe you’re single and definitely not looking. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on orgasms or sexual pleasure. If you want to hang up your vibrator for a while and take a break from sex, go for it. But if you’re craving arousal, pleasure, and an orgasm or two, the right sex toy makes that easier to have.

Why does this matter for your sexual health? Because sex and your body’s response to it and the sensations you feel are a use it or lose it kind of thing. Go too long without paying any attention to your sexual needs, and you may find it difficult to get back to it when you’re ready to get down with a partner.

Vibrators Increase Your Sexual Pleasure

Is more sexual pleasure as good for you as taking your vitamins or going to the doctor when you’re sick? For some people…maybe. If you’re having sex and not getting as much pleasure as you’d like, it can be difficult to be excited about having sex at all. You may also miss out on some of the health benefits of orgasms and the benefits of added intimacy in your relationship.

If nothing else, the right vibrator may help you stay connected to what you enjoy about your body, during sex, and/or as you orgasm.

Help Dealing with Vaginismus

Help Dealing with VaginismusVaginismus is a condition in which the pelvic floor muscles contract so tightly that penetration of the vagina is impossible or extremely painful. One of the common aids in treatment are dilators. They help you gradually become more comfortable during penetration. But they may not be the only treatment option available.

Vibrators relax the muscles — including in your pelvis — when set at a low frequency. At higher frequencies, they provide additional stimulation and increase arousal. Using these two components as part of your treatment may help your body both relax and feel sexual pleasure during penetration.

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So are vibrators good for your health? They can be if being sexually satisfied and active is important to you. If you find it difficult or less enjoyable to orgasm with your hand or during penetrative sex, then vibrators may be the key to increasing your sexual health — and pleasure. For anyone who wants to incorporate a vibrator into your sexual wellness, it’s important to find one that feels good to you and that you want to use. At Jack and Jill Adult, we carry hundreds of vibrators so you can find the perfect toy for your unique needs and desires.